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We are Motherland Farmers, a coffee project in Rwanda, It’s been a great learning experience, and we are getting more humble than ever before in regards to coffee farming and production of high quality coffee. Motherland Farmers washing station and the village Kamiro, seen from the opposite hillside. Motherland Farmers consists of a washing station at one location, next to Kamiro village, and very close by we have a coffee farm. At the washing station we are also buying cherries from the surrounding smallholders. There are about 1000 farmers in the local community that we are supporting with fertilizer and training for a sustainable and more profitable coffee production. Motherland Farmers is the name of the company, which owns the washing station. Kamiro is the name of the local village, so for now the coffee consists of cherries purchased from the surrounding farmers, and will be sold and branded as Motherland. In this post we will briefly try to give you an introduction to the project, but in a series of articles also try to share what it takes to start this operation from scratch and some of the experiences we have had so far as producers. http://www.motherlandfarmers.co.rw the production this year is mainly based on cherry purchase from local smallholder farmers as the Motherland Farmers farm at this point has a very low yield. The harvest is over and we bought about 140 tons of cherries. We have very high requirements on separation, sorting and quality control. Overview of the washing station. Penagos pulper, fermentation tanks, grading channel, and drying beds. The company Motherland Farmers goal is to produce the best coffee coming out of Rwanda, and to change the financial situation for the people in one of the very poor regions in Rwanda. The consequence of the terrible 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda lead to the land being unattended and abandoned. Even if overall coffee production at this time was not huge land revitalization has been important to grow coffee production from 1994 until today.


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